What is the Bushcraft Journal?

The Bushcraft Journal is an online magazine working closely with many of the world’s leading outdoor guides and survival experts bringing you avariety of first-hand knowledge based skills, step by step guides, how-to's, hints and tips, and wonderful stories of travel and adventure from many different continents.

Our writers and contributors have spent many years honing these skills to a very high level in the countries they live, but have spent many weeks at a time living, learning and working closely withcultures around the world who still use these ‘Bushcraft’ skills that have been used for thousands of years.

The goal of The Bushcraft Journal is to cover all you need to enhance your journey in the natural world so you will be able to immerse yourself safely and comfortably in it for longer periods of time, regardless of your age or skill level or global location.

With the right skills and a better understanding you need less equipment making being outdoors a far better experience as you won’t be carrying a big heavy bag full of kit you never use, but it enables you to enjoy living and working in harmony will the natural world!