Becky Mason is a Paddle Canada accredited Lake Canoe Style instructor-trainer and Canoe Tripping and Moving Water Canoe instructor and SUP instructor as well as being a patron of Paddle Canada.


Becky's company Classic Solo Canoeing is based in Chelsea, Quebec where she teaches her courses on the beautiful Meech Lake. She also has travelled to the U.K. and Europe and through much of Canada and the U.S. instructing and demonstrating her paddling skills and sharing her thoughts and knowledge in her presentations on the canoe, creativity and where they can take you. Learn all about her courses, projects and art and download and enjoy watching her two award-winning instructional videos at the Mason family website


Breaking News! Becky is coming to the U.K. in April, 2016, so please contact her through her website if you would like to host an event, arrange a class or find out her U.K. schedule.