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Beke Olbers

Beke is head instructor of ‘EXTRA survival & bushcraft’.

EXTRA, founded in 1997,  is the leading bushcraft school for Holland/Belgium. René and Beke run this company together with help of a staff of former students.

EXTRA offers a wide variety of courses, from weekends- to weeks, crafts courses as well as expeditions. This takes them to a number of countries like Poland, Romania (Carpathians), Namibia (Kalahari/Bushmen), Lapland (Arctic), Germany and Scotland.

EXTRA’s motto is ‘to feel at home in nature’.

In November 2015 Beke and René have published their ‘Bushcraft Handbook’, all in Dutch. Beke is really skilled in all kinds of crafts, like spoon- and kuksa carving, rope and cordage, making jackets and coats, leather pouches and basketry. Besides that she has gained a lot of knowledge on edible and useful plants and trees.

www.extrasurvival.nl (mostly in Dutch, some expeditions in English)

www.cybertracker.nl (all in English)