Dave Bliss is a student of Bushcraft, and a lover of the outdoors pure and simple. In 2015 a couple of peculiar things happened to him. He successfully applied for a new career on the Premises Team of a local High School, and he accidentally wrote a book! Meaning to write up a canoe trip in Sweden for the friends who had accompanied him as a souvenir, it started to become a book when it dawned on him that he was several chapters in and the narrative had yet to reach the canoe hire centre.

He spends many hours in the outdoors amongst nature either rambling along the British countryside or dipping a paddle in the local rivers and lakes in his beloved Charles River Oldtown Canoe, and has also self-published "Paddles And Polar Bread", with it discovering a love of writing.

You can find Dave's book Paddles and Polar Bread via these various links