FAQs / Troubleshooting

Question: How do I subscribe to The Bushcraft Journal bi-monthly release?

Answer: Go to our sign up page and enter your name and email address. This will sign you up for The Journal to give you every new issue on the day of release. You will receive the latest issue direct to your email address instantly!


Question: How do I access all the back-issues of the magazine?

Answer: Upon subscribing you've now become eligible to receive all of our back-issues. From the magazine view page use the left menu to see all our other issues. From the Joogmag app (download from your mobile app store) create an account using the same email address as you signed up with and then go to 'My Library' in the menu and you will have every issue of The Bushcraft Journal in there. You can also see our Back-Issues page to choose a back-issue to view.