Question: On my mobile device, when I click the download link in my email, it just opens the file in my PDF reader, and doesn't save a copy on my device?

Answer: When clicking the download link, and you are given a choice which app to open in, select your web browser app. This will then download a copy to your device.


Question: On my mobile device the Magazine PDF won't open when I click it in the 'downloads' notification bar, or the browser 'downloads' page?

Answer: The Bushcraft Journal is an interactive PDF with many hyperlinks throughout. Some mobile devices have trouble deciding which application to open it with. You need to find the downloaded file in your File Explorer app, most likely in your 'Downloads' folder. It should open ok from that location. (You may need to download a file exploer from your app store). We recommend using Adobe Reader or other 'PDF Reader' app to view the magazine.


Question: I'm reading the magazine in the Amazon Kindle app, but the hyperlinks don't seem to work?

Answer: The Amazon Kindle app does not support hyperlinks. Please view in a PDF reader, for example 'Adobe Reader' for the best viewing experience.


Question: Do you  accept PayPal?

Answer:The Bushcraft Journal does not currently accept PayPal.