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Jack Hendry

Jack’s passion for the outdoors started from an early age. He spent every spare moment exploring Dartmoor and the nearby forests in which he would practice shelter building, learning how to make traps and experimenting with fire. Over the years his skills began to develop and his interests grew into the world of survival and bushcraft. Jack began to attend several bushcraft and survival courses, being taught by some of the most respected figures in the industry. Jack realised he had more to offer and felt that becoming an instructor himself was the next route to take. Jack has gained his following awards and qualifications

Several awards in Survival bushcraft and Wilderness skills that are accredited by the NCFE
Outdoor first aid ITC approved 16hr course
Hill and Moorland leader trained and assessed
BCU 3 star open canoe
BCU 3 star Kayak
BCU 4 star Touring award
BCU foundation Safety and Rescue training award and a
Food Hygiene Certificate – Level 2.
Jack is also a member of the British Mountaineering council, working towards his mountain leader award

Jack has extensive experience in teaching members of the public and running courses for the scouts, school and college groups, cadets and Military,where his friendly, fun and informative approach has been well received.