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Kielyn Marrone

Kielyn is the co-owner of the northern Ontario, canadian wilderness experience company, Lure of the North. She spends most of her time fully immersed in the remote wilderness at her homestead in which her nearest neighbour is 8 kilometres by rough trail. She teaches wilderness living skills courses, traditional hand crafting workshops and guides some of the toughest snowshoe expeditions presently
offered in the Boreal forest with her husband Dave. Taking people on two week expeditions fully self-supported and moving every day, these trips are no walk in the park ( unless we really are in a park...). She firmly believes that our bodies were meant to move in powerful, dynamic ways. It is through her expeditions that she creates a supportive environment to help people realize the potential of their
bodies and minds.

She highly values self-sufficiency and is continually working towards being more and more self-reliant at her homestead. She focuses on using local flora and fauna to achieve a low-impact footprint and use every part of what she harvests.

Kielyn is ever-evolving and adapting to her environment, business and homestead. She gets excited to learn new things, pick-up new hobbies and embraces the increasing need to help others connect with the natural world.

She loves photography, coffee, good company and making people laugh. She believes that by sharing a part of her life with others through her photography, story telling and expeditions, that she can hopefully inspire others to push themselves to pursue and accomplish their dreams.

Find her at and on Facebook/Instagram @lureofthenorth