Beaver BushcraftQuality crafted Leather by Shark Designs and BeaverBushcraft are designed for the professional leather connoisseur who require items for a lifetime of dependable service. Shark Designs and BeaverBushcraft is confident that any leather goods that we produce will be the last you’ll ever need to buy. If not, we’ll replace them at no charge.

BlueangelicalWe offer to make for you Bags and Pouches for real people that will get used in the outdoors. Everything we make gets thoroughly tested and uses the highest materials we can source, after all what's the point of selling it if it's not functional. - Follow Bert Poffé & Raphael Fiegen's 2016 KUNGSLEDEN EXPEDITION. 

Downcreek Paddles - Formed by a group of experienced woodworkers who share a common love for canoeing & the outdoor life. We have found ourselves increasingly drawn to the art of paddle making & the craft of canoe building. Finally our skills are wed to our passions.