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Martin Tomlinson

A farmer with a passion for photography and a hunger for the skills and knowledge of our ancestors.

Since my teens I have had an interest in Bushcraft and the skills that come under its all-enveloping canopy, but it has only been within the last few years that I have really began to wonder along its winding path.

I'm incredibly lucky to have a job that has always allowed me a close connection to the natural world. Something I have never taken for granted. Bushcraft has allowed me to draw even closer and see even deeper into that world, to gain a better understanding of it and to appreciate it even more. Bushcraft for me is about the connection to nature and the ability to sustainably and respectfully live within any natural environment carrying only the skills and knowledge that you have gained along the way.

I'm a passionate amateur photographer and love getting out in to nature with my camera. Over the last ten years photography has become a part of my everyday life, wherever I go so does my camera. Wildlife and Landscape photography are my main interest and Bushcraft is allowing me to get to and stay in more remote areas which I'm hoping will lead to some fantastic photography opportunities all over the world.