David Wescott

Dave started teaching primitive skills with Larry Dean Olsen (Outdoor Survival Skills author) in 1971. He went on to operate Boulder Outdoor Survival School for 15 years. During this time he re-started the Rabbitstick Primitive Skills Gathering – the oldest of the 30 some-odd gatherings currently in the US. Later, he founded the Winter Count Gathering and was a founding board member of the Society of Primitive Technology. He has been the managing editor of their Bulletin for 25 years.

In 2000, Dave had his 3rd book, Camping in the Old Style, published as a result of his passion for classic camping skills and techniques. He joined up with long time primitive skills buddy, Steve Watts, to reinvigorate an interest in classic camping. They have been writing together for a few years now. They are working on a series of books on the subject.

Woodsmoke Symposium is the latest gathering created by Dave’s company Backtracks. It’s held in Idaho in July, and is an amazing opportunity to get hands-on practice with terrific teachers from the classic woodcraft tradition. The new event was named for the original Woodsmoke Gathering created by Dick and Linda Jamison after the original Rabbitstick ended in the 1970s.

Get information at woodsmokeusa.com