BERT POFFÉ - Rewilding Drum


Belgian explorer Bert Poffé has a special interest in the First Nations of the North, and indigenous people and nomads in general. Travelling through wild places and learning from nature is what he loves most.

He was lucky to meet inspiring people of different Canadian First Nations such as the Anishnabe, Atikamekw, Huron and Mic Mac, and to be able to live with nomadic Mongolian families.

Bert was most influenced by Canadian trapper, warden, hunter and canoeing guide, Roy Perritt, who became a very good friend. After a canoe crossing of the Algonquin Provincial Park in 2002, with whom he would participate in more adventures and expeditions afterwards.

By exploring some of the wildest, most beautiful and special places in the world, he gained respect for Mother Earth and at the same time he tries to inspire others to go exploring. He is an advocate of the environment and for the indigenous peoples.

Bert tries to go, step by step, towards a more natural and ecological balanced way of life.

As a rewilding coach he helps people to discover a wilder, happier and healthier lifestyle, using diet, movement and bushcraft skills as tools for reconnecting with their wilder selves and with nature.