Tim Chilcott


Tim has been a craftsman in metal for 35 years. Firstly he was a silversmith and made items of the highest quality for domestic, ecclesiastic and ceremonial use for royal families, high clergy and multi-national businesses and corporations. He is a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and of the City of London.

During his time as a silversmith, Tim mounted and sheathed several ceremonial blades, swords and daggers, and developed an interest in knives.

For ten years now Tim has been converting his skills to that of a knife maker. He works closely with users of his edged tools to perfect the design of many types of knife. His life-long enjoyment of wilderness, wildlife, canoeing and outdoor living has lead him to develop a wide range of bushcraft, hunting, and food preparation knives all made with the finest materials assembled with a meticulous eye for detail he learned as a master silversmith.

A strong interest in cultural history related to knife use and knife making has enriched his repertoire to include Nordic and Japanese influenced knives and knife making techniques.

Tim's website is - www.greenmanknives.com