Tim Gent

As an outdoor writer and photographer I walk, paddle and clamber in search of wild and inspiring locations. There’s no denying that this is extremely enjoyable, and in documenting these experiences I hope to encourage readers to join in.  I also believe that if a better understanding and love of these important and fragile landscapes can be developed, this might increase their chance of being saved.

First published in 1990, my outdoor work has appeared in a range of magazines including:

BBC Countryfile                                                                                           Bushcraft and Survival Skills
Canoe and Kayak UK
Canoe and Kayak USA
Go Canoeing
Outdoor Adventure Guide
Salmon Trout and Sea Trout
Scottish Field
The Great Outdoors
The Paddler
Trout and Salmon
The Bushcraft Journal

Although I write about hillwalking, fishing, foraging and other bushcraft activities, the majority of my work looks at canoeing and camping, and my first book, Canoe Camping, is published by Pesda Press.

I’m keen to point out that any photographs showing me, were taken by Susannah Gent, who paddles, climbs and camps with me everywhere – enjoying all the best bits, and enduring each of the worst.  Susannah cooks over an open fire as well as most people do at home, and usually catches the largest fish from the canoe too.